Enliven Your Leftovers!

Extending leftovers into refreshing new meals not only saves you time, but doing so prevents food waste and is good for your budget too!

Here are a few simple ideas to get you started!

√ Mash 2-3 dishes of leftovers together with flour, namu shoyu (tamari) and shape into veggie or meat based burgers!

√ Mash cooked root vegetables and form into patties! Fry in butter and serve w/ gravy, ketchup or creme fraiche on top!

√ If you have one dish as a leftover, preferably one with a lot of flavour such as curried vegetables, use it as the base of a frittata (and voila, most of the work is already done!).

√ Turn all your random “end of the fridge” veggies into mixed vegetable soup or stir fry!

√ Add leftover grains to pancakes (this will make them much more nutrient dense and satisfying!)

√ Ferment the fruits and veggies that are just about to “go bad” so you can minimize waste, save your $ from going down the tube and eat them later!

√ Save parts of veggies that you don’t end up adding to the food you are eating in a small bucket that will fit in your fridge (ones that are not mouldy or rotting) and make veggie stock once a week. Drink or make a soup!

√ Grow your own kitchen garden or sprouts, and easy to grow greens such as Swiss Chard and fresh herbs and use them to liven up or transform the meal you ate the day before!

√ Use leftover grains or legumes as the base of a fresh salad (or to “bulk” one up!)!

How do you use your leftovers? Send me your suggestions!


24 Links to Grain FREE Breakfast Ideas for GAPSters and Others!

Herb Baked Eggs

Cold Breakfast Cereal

Oeufs En Cocotte with Lox

Grilled Waffle Rueben

Eggs Baked in Tomato Shells

Traditional Egg Custard Pudding

Lox Scallion Scrambles Eggs with Herbs

Grain Free Breakfast Porridge
http://www.dietdessertndogs.com/2011/07/24/no-cook-allergy-friendly-grain-free-breakfast-porridge/  (scroll all the way down the page for the recipe)!

Grain Free Breakfast Burrito

Blueberry Banana Muffins

Apple or Pear Clafoutis

No Grain Blueberry Muffins

Almond Flour Pancakes

Egg Muffins

Baked Bacon and Eggs

Apple Snap Granola

Apple Raisin Snack Bars

Peanut Butter Bars

24 and beyond….

Grain Free Granola Bars

Coconut Flour Bread

Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes

Homemade Breakfast Jello

Liver Pate (w/Seed Crackers)

Seed Crackers

Before Bed Grain FREE Fruit Crisp

Cranberry Apple Grain Free Granola

Coconut Muffins

Addicted to Eating Out?

(I wrote this 4 years ago just before I HEALED myself of my own restaurant addication, the suggestions I offer come from my personal experiences and the thought processes that I used to unravel my own compulsion to eat out, probably needs some editing, but here it is anyway).

According to Wikkipedia, “the term addiction is used to describe a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences to the individual’s health, mental state or social life”.

For some people, “eating out” can become as compulsive and habitual as an addiction to shopping, alcohol, drugs or sex.
To be fair, few of us recognize “eating out” as an addiction, yet if one recognizes that they have a compulsion to “eat out”, then we must consider that addiction is a possibility; and perhaps we must also consider addressing it with the same care that we might any other form of addiction.

For practical purposes, people who eat out a lot spend a lot more money on food than do people who eat at home. If we consider money as an exchange for life energy, we have to consider then whether “eating out” might be an equitable exchange for life energy expended. This poses the question “does eating out compulsively or habitually, add value to our lives in proportion to the energy that we must spend working to make the money that foots the bill”?

How much is too much?

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, on average people eat out 11 times in 2 weeks.  Considering this average, we know that there are just as many people who “eat out” close to 22 times every two weeks as there are those that rarely “eat out”.

Let’s break this down then. At 3 meals per day, we eat 42 meals every two weeks. For those people who eat out the most, they eat out, just over half the time. I propose that these numbers are actually conservative. How many of us prefer to paint a pretty picture about our health and lifestyle choices; whether in our own minds as a form of denial, or to hide the truth from others, out of sheer embarrassment?

If how much is too much, is not apparent to you, consider the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy 80% of the time and allow for 20% margin of flexibility for spontaneity, time crunches, food served by friends and family etc. If we eat out more than 20% of the time, we would do well to consider being impeccable with our food choices at home. For those suffering from illness and degenerative
diseases, as well as pregnant women and growing children, it would be ideal if at all possible to eat the best quality nutrient dense food, 90% of the time at home and of course foods infused with love and nurturing care.

So what is the big deal about “eating out” anyway?

Here’s why. The 4 biggest concerns that are worth considering about “eating out”, is the quality of the foods ingredients, namely:

refined fats and oils (pro inflammation, lack the integrity to build our cell membranes and myelin sheaths which impacts not only every organ and system of our body, but also our ability to think and how we feel)

refined sugar and flours
(destabilize blood sugar, reduce intestinal transit time leading to the putrefaction of proteins and fermentation of carbohydrates in the gut )

pesticides and herbicides (toxicity)

additives and preservatives (toxicity)

antibiotics (kill good intestinal flora and allow “bad” bacteria to multiply which creates intestinal dysbiosis and toxicity, initiate allergic pathology by proliferating bad bacteria such as Candida which creates holes in the intestinal wall and therefore allows undigested food particles to enter the blood stream causing the immune system to launch an allergic response to those foods , diminish capacity to produce nutrients in the intestinal tract)

What all these aforementioned ingredients have in common, is that they are foreign to the human body and cause both toxicity and a nutrient deficit. This happens in two ways:

1) whatever nutrients were taken out during their refining, must be pulled out of our own nutrient and enzyme stores to digest the refined food

2) because of their toxic nature, we must again call on our own resources to effectively break them down into waste products, this again uses up more of our enzymes and nutrient reserves, while straining the liver

Besides the obvious affect on our health of eating poor quality food, “eating out” denotes that we are always on the run. We have to ask ourselves, what are we running from and what social and nurturing qualities are we missing out on, the ones we cannot order off the menu?

How does the nature of a restaurant, being fast paced, commercial, and impersonal affect the energy of our food? We rarely get to see the chef, never mind have the opportunity to connect with and thank him/her. What is the real cost, not only to our health, but to our soul of pacifying our need for a village? We get the buzz of humanity and we interact with a few strangers, but
do we really meet our need for connection with a wider community?

So how does one transcend the compulsion to “eat out”?

Awareness of course! We must as with all addiction, admit to ourselves that we have a problem and equally as important, we must remain conscious even as we act out our addictions. On those days that we eat out, despite that we know that we are just stuffing down that nagging feeling of lack of harmony and balance, we can still take note of what we are doing and why we are still doing it. This is not to shame ourselves, but to continually call ourselves back to the question, “what is it that is lacking in my life that causes me to continue to be addicted to eating out, what need am I trying to fulfill”.  This awareness allows us to question our motives even further.

The insight makes no difference in our experience of living, if we do not keep calling ourselves back to it, and allow it to inform our actions.

So the next time you are about to “eat out”, take a deep breath, then pause and ask yourself these questions.

“Why do I want to eat out right now?” (notice if your “why” is positive or negative)

“What am I really hungry for?” (notice if what you truly desire can actually be provided on a restaurant menu)

“Will this restaurant, both the food and the atmosphere nourish both my mind and soul”? (notice if you are willing to settle for whatever you get)

“What will “eating out” cost me financially, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? How can I get a better return on my investment?  (it might be helpful to make a list eg: if a meal costs on average of fifty dollars, how could you better spend that fifty dollars, or if it takes one hour to drive to a restaurant and back, how could you better spend a time segment of one hour?)

If your “why” is something positive, like a break from routine or to celebrate your own or another’s success or to meet with a good friend, then likely you are not eating out because you are addicted, but rather for the luxury, beauty and pleasure of it.

However if your reasons sound more like an excuse and you are embarrassed to admit how much you actually eat out, then you likely have an addiction to eating out.

If you consider this, it is easy to see that addiction to eating out, like any other addiction, is a coping mechanism to avoid transforming areas of you life that have important health, lifestyle and psycho/spiritual implications. One could say that eating out is a symptom and that lack of balance both biochemically and in one’s lifestyle, plus lack of inner fulfillment are the pre-disposing root causes.

If in the moment, we decide act on our impulse to “eat out” and over ride our consciousness to make a choice that is more in alignment with our health and well-being; we can overlap our consciousness into our acting out of the addiction. This has
the potential to transform us as equally as does self awareness and self discipline. Here’s how:

1) make a list of restaurants that are nourishing and nurturing to your body and soul; put it up on the fridge (this will inspire you to go to new places, which takes some of the habit out of the addiction)

2) look for what is right about the place you’ve chosen (take the focus off the fact that you have chosen to act out the addiction and you will feel good while eating the food which allows you to digest the food well and subsequently be more nourished by it)

3) chew each bite consciously and slowly (savour the food and initiate optimal digestion)

4) forgive yourself by accepting yourself where you are at today; know you are doing your best in this moment

5) acknowledge that by choosing to feel good right now, you are bringing yourself into greater harmony and alignment with your intention to make eating out a luxury rather than a compulsion or perceived necessity; just relax knowing that by the quality of your consciousness, in time, the compulsion to “eat out” will fall away

Once the bill comes, objectively and again with out blame, but rather with curiosity, ask your self the following questions:

1) Do I feel fulfillment, satisfaction and value in having made this choice?

2) Was this choice in line with my values and purpose in life?

Finally, don’t forget to write your insights down. Buy a journal so that you can fit it into your purse or pocket. Get your thoughts on paper, so you can refer back to them and track your progress and successes.



18 Nut FREE, Mostly Grain FREE, Mostly Dairy FREE Lunch Ideas!

My son is attending a new school this year that is nut/wheat/dairy free…yikzers!

This actually scares me because for the average north amercian family these are some of the only REAL staple  foods!! When these foods go out the door, processed non-foods tend to come in and fill their space. I wonder what the kids will be eating?

While my son insists that he’s coming home for lunch, I have a hunch that once he makes some new friends, he’ll want to stay for the social time.

To get prepared to for the inevitable, I have come up with 18 Nut FREE, Mostly Grain FREE and Mostly Dairy FREE Lunch Ideas that I am happy to share with you here! Even if your child’s school doesn’t have food restrictions, I think you’ll find a few ideas that you might want to add to your roster of wholesome take a way lunch ideas!

Subscribe to my newsletter at www.WholeFoodsFamily.com if you want to be informed when I publish the e-cookbook! Until then, here are some ideas to get started!

1) Coconut Bacon Muffins

2) Chicken Nuggets

3) Refried Beans

4) Salad Roll with sunflower dipping sauce

5) Chicken Salad “UnSandwich” Wraps

6) Tuna Nori Rolls

7) Sunbutter and Jam in Coconut/Flax Wraps

8) Meditteranean Skewers

9) Sushi

10) Devilled Eggs

11) Bread Free BLT’s

12) Bean Salad

13) Lentil Patties

14) Soup

15) Collard Wraps

16) Dolmas

17) Potato Pancakes

18) Not Hot Dogs

Happy Brown Baggin’ It!

The dirty secrets in my messy kitchen…….

Wondering if healthy eating will just be too hard and worried that it only works for hippy mamas and God Ordained blissful born again homemakers?

First let me let you in on a few little secrets that might help you feel at home with me and trust that you are in good hands on your path to adopting a whole foods diet. I am sure that I can take you down the path because I’ve been there, done it and I am still doing it!

By the way, I don’t wear tie dye or birkenstocks EVER (but now that I said it, I just know that I will someday-eek I hate birkenstocks-they make me look like I have Flinstone feet!) and I rarely eat granola. And, while I do come from a long line of born againers, when it comes to home making I am more like Cinderella than a happy housewife- while I am not religious by any stretch of the imagination, the truth is, I am just as devoted to homemaking. I am instrinsically motivated to feed my family well and create a nurturing sacred space in my home- something that I believe all mothers aspire to AND that most struggle with, in the modern context of family life.

While a select few have named me a domestic goddess at times, it doesn’t always look like “that”.  I have to confess that I have a few dirty little secrets of my own to confess in my ever messy kitchen…..

Secret #1: I wasn’t born to hippy parents and I don’t live in the granola belt! I grew up in a small town and I didn’t even know what a health food store was until my late teens (and I only went in there for one thing-natural peanut butter!) AND my idea of cooking a meal in my early twenties was- following the instructions on a box: boil water, open package, add water, stir and let sit for 10 minutes, fluff with a fork and serve.

Secret #2: I don’t really “like” everyday cooking, I hate doing dishes, sometimes I find stopping to eat to be a bother, but I LOVE the results of how good I feel when eating real homecooked food AND because I am a mother ( I persist). While I don’t have my cooking resistance “licked”….making every meal and snack from scratch is a PRACTICE that I keep coming back to! I can totally relate to my clients and their kitchen aversion (I won’t judge you, if you don’t judge me)…well, even if you do judge me, I STILL won’t judge you : )

Secret #3: I fed my family organic fast food tonight for dinner and Annie’s Mac N’ Cheese out of a box last night (I was soooo busy preparing to teach about food, that I had no time to make any!).

Secret #4: I eat dark chocolate (whenever I want) without guilt. In fact I am eating some right now! mmmm…yum!

Secret #5: I am an unabashedly unapologetic about my addiction to espresso and have no intention of giving it up…coffee is my soulfood.

Secret #6: I am NOT a vegetarian (although I was for 13 years) and I’m not going to tell you that you HAVE to become one to eat healthy AND by the same token, I am not going to tell you that you have to eat meat to be healthy either. In my personal self validated opinion, there is a diet for every reason and season….each being valid in their own right, yet each not without
it’s own limitations.

The only thing you’ll hear me stand 100% behind, all of the time, is good old fashioned REAL FOOD, as nature intended- simple, affordable and accessible for all of us….

The truth is that more often than I care to admit, I swing back and forth from one day feeling like Cinderella wishing that someone (anyone) would come and rescue me from the depths of domestic drudgery, to the very next day feeling like a bonafide Domestic Goddess!

So what I am really trying to say is that I get it.  It’s hard and it’s overwhelming and sometimes it seems like an insurmountable task to put 3 homecooked meals on the table each day. Rest assured that you are not alone if you don’t know where to start or feel like giving up in the kitchen. Like anything else worth doing well, there are clear first baby steps and then there is the path of practice. For some of us getting started is the hardest part, and for others the hardest part is staying on the path and maintaining the flow.

Either way, I would be honoured to hold your hand on the journey! To discover your FIRST steps, visit my website www.WholeFoodsFamily.com to get your FREE 4 Part Video e-course “First Steps to Becoming a Whole Foods Family!” And if your want to “Discover Your NEXT Steps” you can get started with me @ www.NaturalNutritionWinnipeg.com

How I Avoided Antibiotics and a Root Canal Twice.

There have been two times in my life where I was told that I needed a root canal. The first time was when I told a conventional dentist my symptoms over the phone and the second time it was advice from a reluctant, but well meaning biological dentist.

The first time it happened, I started with a toothache very late at night that hurt so freakin’ bad I was ready to take myself to the hospital because I wanted nothing more in that moment than to have my tooth ripped out…..I rocked back in forth in bed like a crazy women in a straight jacket while my husband coached me to breathe myself back to sleep (thank god, b/c who knows what path I would have taken had I arrived in emergency that night). So by focusing on my breath I somehow fell asleep during the most physically painful experience that I have ever had in my life (and yes, this is after giving birth….I’d take birth over a toothache like that anyday).

So the next morning soon after getting up, I discovered that if I held cold water in my mouth, there was no pain. So I proceeded to try to work like that until I couldn’t take it any longer and finally called a dentist, who insisted that I come in Monday morning for a root canal.

Well, I kind of flipped out internally thinking it was too odd to be diagnosed over the phone and scheduled for surgery, when no one had even looked at my tooth! I figured that since I still had a day and a half ahead of me, that I better get to the drugstore and get some advil. Once the painkillers set in and I could think clearly again, I logically concluded that if I was experiencing pain and inflammation then clearly I must have an infection, so why not work to clear the infection like I would any other? So I simply gargled with water and unrefined sea salt, took colloidal silver and applied tea trea oil to the tooth and clove oil, each at least three times a day, while taking calcium flouride tissue salt ( a homeopathic mineral salt). By monday, I didn’t need to take the advil anymore and that is in fact the end of the story. The tooth has not given me one bit of grief since. That was 9 years ago.

Fast forward 5 years later, I am in a very stressful time in my life (we are moving AGAIN half way across the country), I am in the middle of a liver gall bladder cleanse and suddenly one of my top molars starts aching….I look and I see this blister forming on my gum above the tooth. Oh shit, here we go again!

And just to add to my stress, my son and my roomates daughter both have huge cavities and gum boils at the same time as I have mine! What the?

My roommate follows the conventional advice. Her daughters tooth gets pulled and she need some other thousand dollar contraption to keep her teeth from moving inward toward the new hole.

I drive an hour and half to the closest city at the time to see a biological dentist for myself and my son. I am just not a conventional rout kind a gal. By this time I’ve already treated myself the exact same way that I did to recover my tooth the first time and the pain is gone already, but the blister still there. But without pain, I assume I must be on the mend. Yet I need to know what the heck is going on with us and I seek out the most holistic dentist I can find.

We get there and this dentist is absolutely amazing in terms of the personalized service and genuine care that she exudes..I am expecting to be in and out, but she’s so lovely she’s starts by focusing her energy on developing a relationship with us-to the point that I am worried that my car is gonna get towed! So after all the fun and games, she recommends that my son and I start swishing with H2O2, that he gets a filling and that I get myself on some antibiotics and be on my way to a good old fashioned root canal. She is sure that since I can’t feel the pain anymore, my tooth must be dead!

I guess even holistic dentists don’t believe that a tooth infection can heal….I dunno. I really don’t get why every other part of the body can heal, except for the teeth (even though they are a living matrix)…it just doesn’t make sense. But still, she’s a dentist… she has got to know something about teeth that I don’t and she carries a holistic worldview.  If there is any dentist I would trust, after the whole experience in her office, it would be her…..but my gut said no.

It said no to the filling for Isaiah’s gaping cavity and no for antibiotics and no to a root canal (FYI- biological dentists in general, do not recommend root canals because they can harbour infections that can later cause other health problems down the road…..but she said since I was so young and healthy, she thought I could personally handle it…she didn’t want to see me with a missing tooth).

Now listen, it is not as though I went forward in complete confidence….her strong urgings to get me on antibiotics definately rattled me…I did my research and saw all the warnings about tooth infections…..so while I was nervous about the possibility that she could be right and that I could be walking around with a dead tooth with the potential at any minute to harbour a dangerous infection, I did what any person who equally feared death, as much as they had a strong distaste for the misuse of modern medicine would do…..I bought the antibiotics and I put them way up high on the back of the shelf in the bathroon, just in case… and then I carried on with my hippy ways.

In addition to all of the above supplements, I took a MANY prong approach (and I did this all for my son too) to finally heal the gum boils:
1) I took anti infection supplements ( oil of oregano, goldenseal and colloidal silver 1 Tbsp, 3 times per day for 10 days instead of antibiotics)
2) I took herbs and supplements to boost my immune system (echinacea, vit.c and probiotics)
3) I swished with sea salt, tea tree oil and H2O2
4) I took tooth builders (calcium/magnesium in homeopathic form, plus the 12 Tissue Salts with extra Calcium Flouride (this is the form of flouride that occurs in food naturally (ie: cabbage and cauliflower) as opposed to the sodium flouride the toxic waste  industrial waste by product). Plus I took lots of silicea gel!
5) I took herbal and homeopathic blood cleansers.
6) We chewed Xylitol gum which suprisingly seemed to speed things a long (but be cautious as it can cause tummy aches if overdone).
7) I looked up the metaphysical cause of gum boils and tooth infections and it turned out to be in line with what was occuring for me at the time. I journalled all of it out of me.

What happened? Within 10 days, both of our gum boils started opening up and draining. Isaiah’s gum sealed up soon after, mine took about 3 months, maybe longer while I kept up with the supplements. The tooth has given me no trouble since, save that it would start acting up again…if I ate ice cream, I’d get a 8-12 hour toothache.

But this summer I dared once to have ice cream, and guess what? No toothache!

Think this kind of approach is for you?

One must be self responsible to do this….you can’t be half ass about these kinds of things, and you have to make sure you have all your bases covered….build up nutrition, increase immune system, fight infection and keep your blood clean….deal with your emotional stuff if that resonates…..as you can see it took quite a bit of self responsibility on my part and a committment to faithfully take the supplements consistently.

But I was highly motivated…hmm take supplements or suffer root canal….fear can sometimes be a great motivator! And yes, vanity too….who wants to lose a tooth?

It takes a lot of courage and committment to heal from something, when the world thinks you can’t. Address your health challenges from as many angles as you can. If it empowers you, buy the antibiotics and leave them on the shelf…..do whatever it takes to quell your anxiety so that you can relax and heal… thinking back, I am pretty sure that I did progressive relaxation, and I know that I took New Roots Herbal Chill Pills….it was a lot of stress for me to be handling both my own tooth challenge and my son’s at the same time….worry, worry, worry…..but in the end, my instincts outweighed my fears.

Since our family has upgraded from a whole foods vegetarian diet to a traditional foods diet over the past three years, our teeth have been good.

After my son’s tooth infection healed, even though he only had half a tooth left from his cavity….I kept him on both of the above mentioned tissue salts, and the tooth did not decay any further AND  I watched it faithfully for about another 2 and half years. It fell out to reveal a healthy adult tooth underneath.

I only recommend this approach to parents who are seriously committed to making sure they are doing what needs to be done, to make sure that the tooth is not decaying further. One cannot be “sorta” doing self dentistry or self healing of any kind really.

For those interested in self dentistry, here are two sources that may reveal what you are looking for:

I am more than willing to answer any questions that you might have about this approach. Write your questions or comments below.

Update: November 12th. We just entered the winter season and a very busy time and my tooth started feeling “off” again (first time in just about over a year ….not painful, just this empty pulling sensitive feeling, like my tooth was a bit loose and a bit “long”, plus a sense of tension in my jaw. I started my usual regimen of silver and calcium magnesium. Since I was also getting shooting pains in my ears (that cleared up with homeopathic belladonna of course), but I started to wonder if there was a connection between my tooth and my ears, and if there was an infection starting. And then it occurred to me that we just entered Kidney season in Chinese Medicine. Kidney rules the teeth, adrenal glands and ears. So I had the thought to drink licorice tea for my adrenals and it took the sensation away in 5 minutes!!  I went to bed, woke up fine….after a few hours felt it starting again, and then drank more tea and it went away officially. Throughout this week, when I have felt the sensation of that empty, deficient feeling in my jaw, I just drink the tea and feel good. Today, 5 days later I haven’t needed the tea at all and everything feels well and good.

So it seems that feeding and nourishing the adrenals is another excellent way to respond to tooth troubles…..and this weekend, I am getting some high vitamin butter/cod liver oil combination which has helped many heal their teeth from cavities and such (I am at the Weston A Price conference in Dallas, Texas)!

40 Plus Easy Grain Free Grab n’ Go snack Ideas!

There ones are ready made and readily available in health food stores:

Kale Chips

Herb Stuffed Olives

Seasoned Nori Papers (or plain Nori Paper)

Plantain Chips

Lara bars

Apple sauce

Kefir Milk


Coconut Water

Maple Sap

Naturally Carbonated Spring Water

asy Snacks You can Make at Home in 10-15 minutes:

Mochi (well, not exactly grain free, but easily digestible pounded brown rice!)


Savoury Kudzu Pudding

Ruth’s Chia Goodnesss (like instant oatmeal, but seed based with buckwheat and dried fruit).

AvoKraut Salad

Sauerkraut Coleslaw

Cheese  and Nut or Seed Crackers with Bubbies Dill Pickles

Fruit Salad


Devilled Eggs

Tuna Salad

Nachos (use Salba Chips)

Cottage Cheese mixed with Juice Sweetened Jam or Apple Sauce


Miso Soup

Raw Veggies with Dip

Fruit Plate

Celery with cream cheese and raisins on top

Snacks You can Make on a Cooking Day to Grab and Go Later:

Nut or Seed Crackers

Beef Jerky

Salmon Jerky

Fruit Leather

Kale Chips (or other vegetable chips)

Crispy Nuts

Trail Mix

Seed Granola Bars

Natural Jello

Fruit  Filled Coconut Flour Muffins

Breakfast Coconut Flour Muffins


Seed Granola Grab Bags (grab and sprinkle on plain yogurt with bananas)

Fried Garlic Chickpeas

Yam Fries with Naam Sauce

Send me YOUR great ideas and I will add them!