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Introducing “Nourishing The Childbearing Years”

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Nourishing the Childbearing Years class series combines my love of holistic health, nutrition and mothering to create a course that reflects a  spirit of nurturing- the foundation of healing and mothering.

The emphasis of this course is not on quantitative nutrition, but rather on the quality of food and the tone with which we nourish our family-body and soul.  Simplicity and practicality of course, is deeply accentuated, given the unique demands of motherhood.

Rarely would there be a better time than during pre-conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and while our children are still growing, to consider nourishment and self care. The transition into motherhood naturally calls us into an entirely new realm and experience-offering us the perfect opportunity to instill new patterns and habits, as we emerge into an entirely different expression of ourselves- and a new era of our lives!

During this delicate transition point (from maiden to mother), many women share that a shift occurs in their attention and worldview to ultimately include an even deeper concern for the well-being of the community and the planet that they will one day leave behind for their children.

My intention is that the work we do together- mother to mother-will stand as a support network to strengthen, fortify and enhance our own and our childrens’ vitality throughout the growing years.

By healing and caring for ourselves as mothers and by assuming responsibility (the ability to respond) for our own and our children’s health, we imprint our children with this same capacity. Through example we empower and enable our children to embrace a nourishing lifestyle and to trust in their own bodies’ natural wisdom and capacity to heal.

Joy in motherhood and the habit of conscious nurturing and self-care, has far reaching and lasting effects; ones that will be integrated and adopted by our children, who will also one day, go on to have children of their own.  Our choosing to embrace nourishment and nurturing, expands beyond our family and our community to restore greater integrity to human life and the health of the planet.


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e-book “Nurturing the New Family”

The intention of this book is to help women and families explore self care during pregnancy and postpartum in preparation for motherhood! Discover the secrets of ancient postpartum rejuvenation therapies and how they can increase your vitality and reduce aging! Included is a special section for the community including how we can all come together to honour, uphold and support new families, and why in doing so, we all benefit! The book also features sections highlighting the father’s role in pregnancy and birth and exposing the new father to the universal needs of pregnant women, new mothers and the feminine spirit!