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Organic and Natural Skin Care- I think not!

Finally! The Organic Consumers Association is exposing “cheater organic brands”….yes I’m telling you these common brands sold at Organic Food Stores and Health Food Stores are ripping you off! I used to buy some of these products and then I did my research. Don’t let these posers have you spending extra dollars to avoid cheap toxic chemicals and then have them seep into your pores while you shower anyway… could find way less expensive toxic and non-organic crap to do that for you at Safeway or Superstore or Walmart!

You can still find quality non-toxic organic personal care products at your Organic Food Store or Health Food Store, but they are few and far between.

The only brands that are truly organic are:

Aubrey Organics and Miessence

If you care about what your skin is eating and you want to actually get added value when you pay more, then don’t support the organic cheater brands!

If there are other quality organic brands or even brands that are not organic, but don’t have petrochems and  I don’t know of them, please enlighten me!