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18 Nut FREE, Mostly Grain FREE, Mostly Dairy FREE Lunch Ideas!

My son is attending a new school this year that is nut/wheat/dairy free…yikzers!

This actually scares me because for the average north amercian family these are some of the only REAL staple  foods!! When these foods go out the door, processed non-foods tend to come in and fill their space. I wonder what the kids will be eating?

While my son insists that he’s coming home for lunch, I have a hunch that once he makes some new friends, he’ll want to stay for the social time.

To get prepared to for the inevitable, I have come up with 18 Nut FREE, Mostly Grain FREE and Mostly Dairy FREE Lunch Ideas that I am happy to share with you here! Even if your child’s school doesn’t have food restrictions, I think you’ll find a few ideas that you might want to add to your roster of wholesome take a way lunch ideas!

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1) Coconut Bacon Muffins

2) Chicken Nuggets

3) Refried Beans

4) Salad Roll with sunflower dipping sauce

5) Chicken Salad “UnSandwich” Wraps

6) Tuna Nori Rolls

7) Sunbutter and Jam in Coconut/Flax Wraps

8) Meditteranean Skewers

9) Sushi

10) Devilled Eggs

11) Bread Free BLT’s

12) Bean Salad

13) Lentil Patties

14) Soup

15) Collard Wraps

16) Dolmas

17) Potato Pancakes

18) Not Hot Dogs

Happy Brown Baggin’ It!