This blog has been created to
explore & celebrate the art of nourishment, sustainability, self responsibility, community & connection in family life!

Looking for simple, accessible & practical
everyday wisdom?
Digest & assimilate here!

I warmly welcome you to go to my resource website http://www.WholeFoodsFamily.com  to get your FREE Video e-course “First Steps to Becoming a Whole Foods Family” where you can discover 4 Simple ways to UPGRADE the QUALITY of your FAMILY’s diet WITHOUT Changing it!

Bio: Sherry Rothwell graduated with Honors from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where she received her Diploma and designation of Holistic Nutritionist (RHN).
She also holds certificates from the Edison Institure of Nutrition and  The Matrona School of Midwifery.

Sherry’s written work on birth and health have been published in various community publications as well as featured in the world reknowned natural parenting magazine
Kindred and the Natural News Network.

Her professional teaching experience includes facilitating workshops in nutrition for the Manitoba Association for Childbirth and Family Education, Wetaskawin Parent Link Centre, The Matrona School of Midwifery and Food Matters Manitoba.

Please contact me at sherry@wholefoodsfamily.com to book your private coaching session where you can get an “aha`  about your unique situation, discover what your next steps are, and if we are a good match, discover how we can continue to work together towards your health, birth, mothering and homemaking goals!!



5 responses to this post.

  1. What is your RSS feed so I can add this site to my reader? I’d love to promote this via my blogs, etc.


  2. It works! May I suggest that you add the rss button to your site so that any visitor can add you to their reader and automatically subscribe to follow you? Mine is http://www.anatlantadoula.com/1/feed



  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I will figure out how to do that the next time that I make some website adjustments….I am assuming that I need a gmail account to automically be notified of yours and other people’s feeds?


    • Yes. A google account/email will allow you to use their reader for free. I can share content with my followers/subscribers by selecting this option on any post. This allows me to share relevant articles and info on my blogs, twitter, etc. all the while giving credit (and extra traffic) to the author’s site. Your site is great and I have found it very useful so far.


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