Enliven Your Leftovers!

Extending leftovers into refreshing new meals not only saves you time, but doing so prevents food waste and is good for your budget too!

Here are a few simple ideas to get you started!

√ Mash 2-3 dishes of leftovers together with flour, namu shoyu (tamari) and shape into veggie or meat based burgers!

√ Mash cooked root vegetables and form into patties! Fry in butter and serve w/ gravy, ketchup or creme fraiche on top!

√ If you have one dish as a leftover, preferably one with a lot of flavour such as curried vegetables, use it as the base of a frittata (and voila, most of the work is already done!).

√ Turn all your random “end of the fridge” veggies into mixed vegetable soup or stir fry!

√ Add leftover grains to pancakes (this will make them much more nutrient dense and satisfying!)

√ Ferment the fruits and veggies that are just about to “go bad” so you can minimize waste, save your $ from going down the tube and eat them later!

√ Save parts of veggies that you don’t end up adding to the food you are eating in a small bucket that will fit in your fridge (ones that are not mouldy or rotting) and make veggie stock once a week. Drink or make a soup!

√ Grow your own kitchen garden or sprouts, and easy to grow greens such as Swiss Chard and fresh herbs and use them to liven up or transform the meal you ate the day before!

√ Use leftover grains or legumes as the base of a fresh salad (or to “bulk” one up!)!

How do you use your leftovers? Send me your suggestions!


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