Fertility Freezer Fudge….or a little lovebite for those lookin’ for some more libido!

If you are low on progesterone or looking to boost your libido, you’ve got to try maca. Maca is a root vegetable that is not only nutritious, but has a reputation both for nourishing the womb and for liberating the libido! One I might add that it often Dramatically lives up to!


Fine Tune Your Fertility or Liven Up Your Libido!

Maca has a very distinct taste and is best mixed in a smoothie. However, I recently came up with the idea of making myself a freezer fudge version to take along with my fermented cod liver oil (cod liver oil should be consumed with butter for optimal assimilation). I’ve been making a carob peanut butter one for the kids, but thought I would try making a maca one for myself so that I can both optimize my daily dose of Vit.A and Vit.D, AND get a quick daily infusion of maca.

The Recipe:

3/4 -1 cup pastured (or best quality butter you have access to) butter
1/4 cup maca powder
1/4 cup  honey or unrefined cane sugar
1-3 tsp vanilla

Blend with a fork and taste as you go, to see how much butter and vanilla tastes best to you in combination with the maca.

1/4 cup organic carob or chocolate
1 Tbsp espresso
1 Tbsp Teecino shot (or other coffee like alternative)
substitute coconut oil for butter

Put your fudge in a container in the freezer. I cut mine into pie shapes because I wanted a pretty picture, but little squares will be just fine too!

Enjoy and tell me your favourite variation on this theme!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Genevieve on July 16, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    Is maca safe when breastfeeding?


    • Yes! Being a root vegetable, I put it in the category of FOOD. I also have heard of women eating 1-2 Tbsp per day during pregnancy. While traditionally peruvians didn’t eat it raw the way we use it now, in my mind, the benefits outweigh the risks. Happy, relaxed and horny mama’s make for happy babies and children (at least that is the side benefit that I see for breastfed babies)!


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