We all Know that Dieting doesn’t Work, so What Does?

© Sherry Rothwell, RHN

It seems that sustainability is on everyone’s mind these days and is a very fitting description for the kind of weight loss we all seek, namely that of having the capacity to endure and to enhance the well-being of our emotional, psychological and biochemical integrity.

For sustainable weight loss, we must eat a diet that provides for all of our unique nutritional needs. When our nutritional reserves are optimal, we lose our longing for junk food and for concentrated sources of sugar. When our nutritional needs are fulfilled and our biochemistry balanced, we have a natural desire for the foods that are right for us, therefore eliminating the need for “willpower”.

For healthy weight loss, we need to eat the right amount of calories (for our unique body) of REAL unprocessed food (as opposed to “empty calories”) including wholesome saturated fats and essential fatty acids. We need not be preoccupied with counting calories – weight loss is the natural “good side effect” of bringing our body and our lives back into balance.

Contrary to popular belief, fat doesn’t make us fat, sugar does. Healthy sources of fats are converted into a source of sustainable energy. They nourish our brain, cellular membranes and the myelin sheaths that cover our nerves etc.  In fact, it is the deficiency of the right kind of fats that is linked to many health problems including the digestive and hormonal ones that often underlie the difficulty of losing weight.

While our culture is obsessed with low fat foods, this approach just isn’t helping people lose weight, nor does it help us keep it off. Any person who has tried dieting will admit that in the long term, dieting doesn’t work. Far worse though, is that it wreaks havoc on our metabolism, causing us to gain even more weight, when we INEVITABLY quit the diet. Without adequate good quality fat in our diet, we turn to more carbohydrate foods (especially the refined ones) because we are never SATISFIED!

Focusing on calories is not the answer either. Instead, sustainable weight loss focuses on upgrading the QUALITY of our food choices, rather than obsessing about the QUANTITY of nutrients, fat grams and calories that we eat. As we improve the nutrient density of our diet through optimal food choices, we subsequently meet our nutritional deficiencies. As a result of this, our cravings subside on their own, and we actually have a desire for the food that is most nourishing to us. This is the crux of sustainable weight loss.

Diets aren’t sustainable, but optimal health is. We must acknowledge that in REALITY, what we have been told we need to do to lose weight, doesn’t work in the long term and people just can’t sustain the deprivation.

Many people preoccupy themselves with counting calories and fat grams, while literally trying to “exercise their butts off”, yet they remain overweight. This occurs because the problem does not lie with calories, fat grams or even lack of exercise! A calorie, contrary to popular belief, is not just a calorie. Being overweight has varied and often complex causes such as emotional, psychological, biochemical or metabolic imbalances, along with deep underlying nutritional deficiencies.

It is a fact that many obese people eat few calories, and that many very thin people eat a lot of calories. If we are to acknowledge that what we are doing isn’t working, we then need to start thinking outside the box and open ourselves to a new perspective! The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over, yet expecting different results – yet this is how most people approach weight loss!!

Collectively, we keep trying one fad diet after the next, very much akin to the housefly that keeps trying to fly through the window, even though the door is open!! We mistakenly believe that if we try harder, we will finally breakthrough! While the door to being healthy and content with our weight has always been there, we haven’t been able to see it from our current vantage point!

Getting started on the path toward sustainable weight loss is simple. We begin by upgrading the QUALITY of the food we currently eat. This is the key first step to solving the problem of being overfed and undernourished.

For more information about how you can get started on your path to sustainable weight loss, please contact Sherry by e-mail at sherry@wholefoodsfamily.com to book your “Jumpstart to Sustainable Weight Loss Session” $40 (Value $97). I guarantee you will get an “aha” about what is currently keeping you stuck, discover what to do next and learn more about how you can continue to work with me (services are available by phone or in person).


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