The Top 5 Reasons that I Love Making Ferments!

#1 Delicious, Healthy and Satisfying!
Fermented foods are so freakin’ good for us!!  Our microflora serve both as the frontline of our immune system AND they optimize our digestion….problems with our digestion and our immunity are at the root of many chronic conditions. Digestion is said to be the root of good health, while death is said to begin in the colon. Two sides of the same coin my friends! In addition, as we feed ourselves the sour flavour, our cravings to consume excessive amounts of sweets begins to dimish…no willpower necessary!

#2 Simple, Affordable, Accessible
Ferments are cheaper, more effective and more nutritious than probiotic pills. Eating fermented condiments is one of the ways that our ancestors cultivated and sustained proper microflora ratios! Ferments are not just a source of good bacteria, but they are also a source of lactic acid (which creates ideal living conditions for our good bacteria and is antagonistic to harmful bacteria). Finally, probiotic pills are just good bacteria- they don’t come with added nutritional value that ferments do! Ferments are simple, accessible and sustainable, compared to probiotic pills, which require scientific formulation, manufacturing and transport. 

#3 Making the Fruit of our Work Visible
Work hard once, but eat for months! 1 quart of fermented vegetables will take me no longer to make,  than the time it takes to bake cookies, yet the cookies disappear overnight! Momma, how more satisfying could it be to spend a little time in the kitchen and have lots to show for it, for months? Finally ladies, some work in the kitchen that isn’t invisible!

#4 Life Saving Skill
Learning the simple skill of preparing lacto fermented foods has provided me with a skill that enables me to store food without the need for sterilization (sure you could slave and sweat for hours over those canned tomatoes, but why bother when you could ferment and store them as a living food!). In the unfortunate event of a power outage in summer or in the dead of winter, I can preserve the fruits and vegetables that I do have from freezing or going rotten, through fermentation! Having this skill that could be life saving, not to mention empowering!

#5 Domestic Goddess “ness”
Another reason that I love making ferments, is because they look so darn pretty sitting on my counterop! Not to mention how much I enjoy feeling like a domestic mother  goddess while the whole house comes alive with my little bacteria babies! Making ferments is such a lovely way to bring nature inside, all year round!

Check out my probiotic website for more details about making ferments, to register for your “probiotic diet immersion”  in Winnipeg, MB or to start envisioning  how you can bring my family to yours, for a probiotic immersion in your community!


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