How to Make Kefir Water-Video Demo

: Kefir water is super potent and medicinal

What: Kefir Grains that culture water and infuse it with the following beneficial bacteria: “Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus , Lactobacillus alactosus, Lactobacillus casei casei, Lactobacillus pseudoplantarum, Lactobacillus plantarum, Streptococcus lactis, Streptococcus cremeris, Leuconostoc mesenteroide, Saccharomyces florentinus, Saccharomyces pretoriensis, Kloeckera apiculata, Candida lambica, Candida valida.”

How to Do it: Simply put 1 tbsp of grains in a quart of water (leaving 1 inch of air space on top), with 1 quarter of a slice of  a citrus fruit, plus 3 Tbsp unrefined sugar. Put the lid on loosely (or snug for more bubbles) and let sit on your countertop for 48 hours. Pour liquid off into another glass jar and refrigerate.

What  kind of RESULTS can you expect
: Heal yeast and other infections, heal Candida, improve digestion etc.

Tips and Tricks

1) I forgot to mention in this video, that it is often discouraged to use metal strainers and utensils when using kefir grains, as metal is seen as harmful to the grains. Truth be told, I haven’t had a prob with using metal….but who knows, maybe my baby grains are just extra hardy!

2) Keeping your grains clean– ferment with them inside a nut milk bag or other breathable bag so that you don’t have to pick fruit fragments out after each batch (I am sooo relieved to have discovered this… if we busy mama’s need more babies to clean up after!!

3) When I first got my grains, I was told to leave a little kefir water from the first batch and add it to the new batch to kick start the fermentation process. I don’t usually do this…we drink it all!! I was also told to put a few pieces of dried fruit in addition to the fresh fruit….I don’t bother to add the dry fruit unless I’m making an apple/raisin kefir….don’t be afraid to experiment.

4) Rinsing the Grains- hmm…I don’t as a rule rinse my grains as is commonly recommended…however occasionally I get “a feeling” that they need a rinse….I think it is a scent that alerts me….kind of like an extra vinegary scent. I am pretty intuitive about the process…..I recommend just feeling into it. Go ahead and have a relationship with your kefir grains….after all, they are your little living beneficial bacteria babies now after all!!!

5) To Preserve the Bubbly-At 48hrs pour the kefir water off into a new container (glass of course, as we certainly don’t want plastic leaching into our kefir!). Tighten the lid well and leave another 8 hours at room temp before transferring to the fridge. If you prefer your kefir to be more “flat” refrigerate right away and drink the next day.

6) How Do I know It is Right?- Taste your brew when you first mix in all the ingredients. It will taste like sweet water. Taste it in 48 hours and it will taste “tart” and bubbly. If your Kefir is still sweet, something isn’t right.

7) The Phases it Goes Through– If you leave kefir past the 48 hours without transferring and tightening the lid….the bubbly will start to reduce and it will go to a slightly alcoholic phases (very low alcohol) and then it will start to taste more like vinegar, until it becomes vinegar (go ahead and use instead of vinegar to make salad dressings for example).

Storing: Store your Kefir baby grains in a glass jar in the fridge and make sure to feed them some sugar at least once a week when you are not using them! You can put the lid on snug while storing them in the fridge.

Like I said in the video, I will be doing a few more videos on this subject, so stay tuned! Please feel free to ask for clarification of any missing details!



9 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for posting this! I am thrilled to have this information and want to try this recipe right away. Where do I get a small amount of kefir grains?


  2. May I use any grain such as bulghar or barley?


  3. Posted by Mariah on March 13, 2011 at 3:37 am

    We drank our first batch of Kefir water last night and loved it!

    Would it work to use liquid sweeteners like honey, molasses, and maple to feed the bugs?



  4. Posted by Sharon on April 1, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    Hey, thanks for the info! One thing I wasn’t clear on… once the kefir water is done, do you take the grains out of the bag, rinse them if necessary, and put them back with the rest in the original jar? Thanks!


    • Hi Sharon! Sorry that I am just seeing this now! No you can just rinse the grains in the bag….I don’t even do that every time, only when I have an intuitive hunch that I should! You can store them in some of the leftover kefir water, add some sugar and then store in the fridge, but make sure you feed them a bit more sugar once a week, like a heaping tsp per week if your quart jar was 3/4 full!


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