Beet Kvass the Moontime Elixir

Beet Kvass is an excellent tonic for the childbearing years.

With it’s affinity to support the liver, Beet Kvass not only helps prevent potential morning sickness in woman of childbearing age, but it also eases premenstrual tension. 

If you find yourself feeling that throbbing, “empty pulling” sensation as you are about to begin your moontime (or during your heaviest bleeding days), it could be a sign that your body is aching  for more minerals!

With beets having the “blood signature”, as indicated by their bright red colour, they are a fantastic tonic for rebuilding the blood.

So why not take a some time each month to consciously restore some of  the nutrients you’ve lost through your menstrual blood?

I personally find that taking the time to make a couple of quarts of beet kvass a few days before I am “scheduled” to bleed, is not only nourishing to the body, but nourishing to the soul as well. Rather than feel depleted during this sacred time of letting go, why not consciously slow down and cultivate some extra self care?

In addition, beet kvass, by its nourishing quality, also promotes regularity and aids in digestion. Thus, making for a great overall tonic for anytime of the month!

Making Beet Kvass is a very simple  ritual that you can incorporate into your monthly self care rhythm.

Keep reading for the recipe and picture tutorial!

You will need:
1) 2 quart glass container of sorts with lid
2) 2 large beets
3) 1 Tbsp unrefined sea salt
4) 1/4 cup whey  *This is made simply by pouring plain yogurt through a clean dishtowel, which is then tied with string and hung over a bowl. Over night, the whey will strain from your cloth into the bowl.. leaving you with yogurt cream cheese! Yummy! Store the whey and “cream cheese” in separate containers in the fridge.
5) chlorine free water

Simply chop the beets into bite sized pieces.


Place them in a 2 quart glass container (maybe you have  an old pickle jar in the cupboard?)

Pour 1/4 cup of  whey over the beets.

Next, pour your 1 Tbsp of unrefined salt over top of the beets.

Then pour your filtered water on top, ensuring that the beets are fully submerged…. yet leave about an inch of air space in the top of the jar.

Finally, stir well and put your lid on tightly.

Keep at room temperature for 48 hours before straining and transferring to the fridge. 

Rather than discard the beets, you can make a second batch by reserving some of the kvass (about 1/2 inch including the beets and fill the jar again with filtered water). Leave at room temperature for another 2 days! Second batch won’t be quite as potent, but will still be very nourishing.

After the 2nd batch, you will want to compost your beets. But if you prefer to make a vegan batch of kvass or if you don’t always have whey on hand, you can omit the whey and use 1/4 cup of beet kvass from a prior brew to make your next fresh batch.

Enjoy, and please take a moment to comment on how beet kvass, or simply how taking the time out to make special preparations to honour and nourish your body, is impacting your moontime experience!

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon w/Mary Enig
Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford

This post is inspired in part by which is a “Harvest Challenge” by Nourished Kitchen….check it out and stay tuned!


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