The “Principle of Rebuilding” for the Childbearing Years

The “principle of rebuilding”  is an important  facet of  women`s health for all women of childbearing age (as well as to any woman who has given birth at some time in her life). Understanding this principle can prevent future health problems for women, years after they are done having children, and can fortify a woman`s potential for optimal health.

Attending to `rebuilding` or fortifying our health as women is to increase the likelihood of having healthy fertility, an enjoyable pregnancy, an easeful birth without complications, and a baby whose health has been built on a solid foundation.

The “principle of rebuilding“ during the childbearying years acknowledges that as woman we are always giving up of our own tissues. Therefore, we need to give  back to our own bodies on the nutritional level, as much as we  need to attend to carving out time to replenish our emotional, spiritual and social selves etc.

During menstruation (which I like to call our moontime) we build up our uterine lining and then we let it go. Not only does it take extra nutritional reserves to build a home for our potential womb baby each month, but then we give up even more of our reserves by bleeding to let this tissue go when we do not become pregnant.

Being pregnant, giving birth and nursing our young ones can be a very depleting time in a woman`s life on all levels. Especially in modern life where woman are expected to shoulder childrearing and domestic duties all on their own. Beyond the fact that mothers are often overwhelmed, they are also overtaxed nutritionally, especially if they live on the standard north american diet (a predominantly processed, low fat and high in refined sugar diet) or if they have restrictions in their diet, whether self imposed or otherwise.

In cultures such as Ayurveda, this is recognized and accounted for. Special attention is given to restoring or rebuilding mother`s nutritional stores after birth through nourishing food, and massage with oils intended to replenish lost moisture. Because our bodies will give up our own stores of essential fats and minerals to ensure that baby is provided for, the gestation period and nursing duratio,n tend to have a drying effect on the mother and thus advances premature aging.  

Typically a woman will be depleted of essential fats and minerals, which can predispose her to a susceptibility to nervous conditions, depression and exhaustion. “Chronic deficiencies originating during this critical time period may also explain why women tend to experience far more depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune disease than men.“

Women who have long since raised children can also benefit from the “principle of rebuilding“. If you have older children or are already a Grandma, you too can benefit from taking some time to pay special attention to optimizing your fat and mineral stores to improve on your health now.

If you are planning to have children or are currently pregnant now, by optimizing your stores of fats and minerals, you can ensure that the childbearing years will be much less taxing on all of your reserves, nutritionally, emotionally and other wise.

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